Chain kit
Chain kit

Chain kit configurator

Chain kit configurator

With our chain kit configurator you can easily choose the right chain kit for your model in two ways:

  • Chain and sprocket set chain kit standard

Here you get the chain kit in the standard version, i.e. sprocket, chain wheel and chain in the ratio as it was     originally delivered.
In our configurator you can select the sprocket and the chain wheel, if desired, and the chain length is calculated on the basis of the selected sprocket or chain wheel.

  • Conversion Chain and sprocket set Configurator

Here you can get a Conversion Chainset with the original gear ratio.
In our configurator you can select the sprocket and the sprocket wheel if you wish, the chain length is calculated on the basis of the selected sprocket and the sprocket wheel.
It is possible that an exact match of the selected gear ratio with the chain is not possible and the chain may have to be shortened, but you will never get a chain that is too short.
The conversion kit deviates from the original chain kit pitch, which is very popular, for example, for race track use.
The standard chain in the conversion kit is always a chain with a higher tensile load, as a (smaller) chain is usually used here.

Please note: for legal operation on public roads, the gear ratio may not deviate more than 3% from the standard gear ratio without TÜV approval.

Chains from renowned brands: D.I.D and RK Chains

D.I.D chains Japan / OEM equipment brand of the largest manufacturers worldwide

D.I.D VX Series

The D.I.D chain series VX3 in 520, 525 and 530 pitch are suitable for street bikes and enduros from 350ccm to 1000ccm, the VX3 series extends the V0 series by the patented X-ring and increases the steering life of the 520VX3 chain compared to the V0 chain by up to 32% and the 525 and 530VX3 compared to the V0 chain by 41%. The chains are available in steel colours or gold, identifiable by the abbreviations GG for Gold outer plate, Gold roller inner plate or GB for Gold and Black.

D.I.D Racing Chain

D.I.D ZVM-X Series

The D.I.D chain series ZVMX is the strongest of the D.I.D chains. It was developed for motorbikes with high power and torque for street and racing. The 520ZVM-X is designed for motorbikes up to 1200cc, the 525ZVM-X for motorbikes up to 1300cc and the 530ZVM-X for motorbikes up to 1400cc.

The twist of the X-Ring® increases sealing performance and the four contact points minimise power loss.

The direct power transmission of the ZVM-X series, born from our experience in MotoGP, means greater tensile strength under full load.

D.I.D MX chain

The 520MX has the highest tensile strength among non-sealed chains at 4050kg. Perfect for the stresses placed on chains during tough off-road races.

RK Takasago chains Japan, OEM equipment brand for many manufacturers

RK MXZ chains

The MXZ chain is designed for the professional Motocross & Supermoto rider. The lightweight high performance racing chain is the result of the latest manufacturing technology and innovative metal alloys. The MXZ chain features chrome alloy steel construction with seamless rollers and bushings, as well as oversized special process hardened pins for added strength.

The 428 MXZ chain is one of the strongest in its class and has an excellent price/performance ratio in relation to all MX racing chains.

RK Takasago Chain

RK XSO chains

The XSO is an improved form of the O-ring chain. The special X-ring seals the chain at 4 points so that the lubricant cannot escape. Furthermore, the X-ring serves as an additional lubricant reservoir. The tensile strength is 3600kg for the 520XSO2, 4000kg for the 525XSO and 4170kg for the 530XSOZ1.

The XSO is suitable for motorbikes up to 1000cc.

The service life is extended by about 30% compared to a conventional O-ring chain.

RK ZXW chains

The ZXW chain is the further development of the GXW chain. It is the strongest in the RK range. Due to its high tensile strength, it meets the requirements of high-horsepower street motorbikes.

The tensile strength is 4200kg for the 520, 4700kg for the 525 and 5000kg for the 530.

The special XW rings seal the chain at 6 sealing points, thus preventing the loss of lubricants under all conditions.

The service life is extended by up to 50% compared to an O-ring chain.

JT sprockets


Steel sprockets

JT Sprockets steel sprockets are made exclusively from high quality C49 carbon steel. The JT Sprockets range now includes over 2,500 parts for all motorbikes and ATVs.

Aluminium rear sprockets

Precision CNC machined to JT's uncompromising standards from certified 7075-T6 aerospace grade Ergal aluminium alloy, JT Sprocket aluminium rear sprockets are designed and engineered to withstand extreme pro racing conditions and provide maximum strength and durability with minimal weight.

SC Lightweight Steel Sprockets

Sprockets from JT Sprockets with the SC designation, the new standard in steel motocross sprockets. A unique self-cleaning design keeps the contact surface clean of dirt and mud while significantly reducing weight. Made from heat induction hardened C45 steel that lasts up to six times longer than a 7075 aluminium sprocket and significantly extends chain life.


JT sprockets: front sprockets

Front sprockets

Front sprockets

JT Sprockets sprockets are made exclusively from SCM420 chrome-moly steel. The JT Sprockets range now includes over 2,500 parts for all motorbikes and ATVs.

Self-cleaning steel front racing sprockets

MX Series steel front sprockets are manufactured to exacting tolerances and feature special self-cleaning grooves for longer life and better performance. Made from the best chrome-moly steel and fully heat treated for maximum durability, MX Series front sprockets are designed for champions.

Rubberised front sprockets

JT's rubberised sprockets offer the same quality, design and OEM-proven technology used by major Japanese motorbike manufacturers since the early 1990s to dampen chain shock and associated noise.

Here you will find a list of available chain kits, click on your model to go to the chain kit configurator