Windshields with TÜV of the brand Timotox for motorbikes

The Timtox windshield:

Windshields with TÜV of the brand Timotox for motorbikes, choose between the three colours clear, light tinted and dark tinted for most motorbike windshields from Timotox and adapt your motorbike to your style.  Cockpit screens, fairing screens and the Adenture windshield are available to suit different vehicles.

The Timotox windshields are made of high-quality polycarbonate using the injection moulding process and have been tested by TÜV SÜD within the scope of the ABE/TÜV in accordance with DIN standards 52306 and 52307 for break resistance and shatter protection of the windshield. Further quality tests of the windshield at our company certify its almost unbreakability even under the heaviest loads.
There is no need to register the windshield in the vehicle documents, as it comes with a TÜV certificate (ABE).

Due to the material and the manufacturing process, Timotox windshields are thicker and therefore more resistant than comparatively acrylic glass or deep-drawn windshields.
In the case of clear glass/windshields, this sometimes has the optical effect of being seen through a film of water, but this was not perceived as annoying by any of the test riders on the models.
This effect does not occur with tinted windscreens.

The material of the windshields and its thickness reduces unpleasant windshield vibration effects in most cases.
Most windshields are approx. 2-3 cm higher than the original windshield.

All adjustment possibilities on the models are retained, as the windshield is replaced one-to-one.

Scope of delivery:

1 x windshield
1 x Timotox windshield TÜV certificate

You will receive Timotox windshields in three colours for the following motorbike models.

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