Brake and clutch lever with ABE

The brake and clutch levers of the Raximo BCE "extendable" series

Angle adjustment
The grip width to the handlebars can be adjusted in these levers in six steps. Position four corresponds approximately to the position of the original lever. Thus, the levers are adjustable for most models two steps further forward, as well as three steps closer to the handlebar.
However, it must always be checked that the lever does not touch the handlebars even when pulled.

Raximo BCE lever function
Raximo BCE lever function

Length adjustment
By means of a dovetail connection and a small hexagon socket screw, the length of our BCE levers can be adjusted from 16 - 19 cm.

TÜV (General Operating Permit)
The BCE brake levers and clutch levers are equipped with an ABE. This means: the installation on motorcycle models that are listed in the ABE, must not be tested again by the TÜV.


Color configuration

With the help of our color configurator you can choose the main part, the end part and the adjuster of your levers from 9 colors each. For the BCE lever, this results in 729 color variants. This guarantees that every bike is unique.


• Anodizing
The anodizing of the brake levers and clutch levers is done by us in ISO certified companies, the anodizing is subjected to a UV test each month so that we can ensure a consistent quality.

• Material
We have our levers milled from high-strength aluminum. The aluminum raw material is checked for strength and composition in each batch. The tolerances are in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard.

• Batch management
Since a brake lever is a safety-relevant component, our deliveries are managed and checked according to batches.

• ServiceCard
Our brake and clutch levers are delivered with a ServiceCard and serial number. This makes the processing of a customer or service request much easier and faster.

Scope of delivery

1 x CNC milled brake lever
1 x CNC milled clutch lever / brake lever left for scooter
1 x ABE brochure incl. assembly instructions
1 x ServiceCard

Here you will find a model list of available RAXIMO BCE levers, click on your make and model