RAXIMO Lever Guard - 
Lever guard right with ABE

Brake lever protection / Lever Guard with ABE

The Lever Guard / Brake Lever Protector serves as accident protection against unintentional pressing of the brake lever, e.g. when hitting another motorcycle during a fast braking maneuver.

At national as well as international races a brake lever guard is mandatory, because without this guard already serious accidents have happened.

Length adjustment
The Lever Guard / brake lever protector is adjustable in length by about 17 mm, which is of course ideal for adjustable brake levers.

Angle adjustment
Can also be adjusted in the angle by about 3 cm, so there is an ideal adjustment option for various models.

Mounting adapter
Raximo lever guards are delivered on the basis of the model selection with various adapters for the handlebars, so that a tight fit is guaranteed.

for universal attachments, however, we recommend the RX10/RX11/RX12 variant, these have clamping wedges for the handlebar inner mounting, see also the page with the adapters. 

Raximo Leverguards Function
Raximo Leverguards ABE with color circle

Our Lever Guard's have an ABE (general operating permit) or a certificate that is part of the ABE.

Since a Lever Guard is of course also an optical thing, we also have a set in the offer, so that it looks more symmetrical.

Color configuration
You can configure the brake lever guard(s) by color. The main part, the middle part and the end part can each be selected in 9 different colors. Thus, there are 729 possible color configurations that make your bike unique.


• Anodizing
The anodizing of the Leverguards is done by us in ISO certified companies, the anodizing is subjected to a UV test every month so that we can deliver a consistent quality.

• Material
We have our Leverguards milled from high-strength aluminum. The aluminum raw material is checked for strength and composition in each batch, the specifications for tolerances comply with the ISO 9001 standard, so that we can always deliver the same quality.

• Batch management
As Leverguards are a safety relevant component, our deliveries are managed and checked with batches.

• Service card
Our Raximo Leverguards are delivered with a service card and a serial number.

Scope of delivery

1 x Lever Guard right/right and left with SET
1 x ABE booklet with mounting instructions
1 x service card

Model list for the right Raximo lever guard for your motorbike