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Questions/Answers about RAXIMO Lever Guards

Do the Lever Guards adapters fit my handlebars?
I don't have an original handlebar on it. Which lever guards can I use?
The Lever Guards I received were not supplied with the pictured tension wedges for assembly.
Are there mounting instructions?
Can I combine the Lever Guards with handlebar end mirrors?


Questions/Answers about RAXIMO Levers


Are the Raximo parts also available in other colours than the 9 shown?
Can I order parts in other colours individually?
My motorbike model is not in the list and the TÜV
My motorbike is in the TÜV list, but is not in the selection in the shop.
I have installed a different brake master cylinder - what then?
What to do if something does not fit or work during assembly?
Where are the installation instructions?
Had an accident. Can parts be exchanged?
Colour fastness for anodised parts
I damaged my levers during installation. What can I do?
The lever adapters in the pictures look different from the ones I have installed.
The levers are not raised when they fall over. Is this a warranty case?