engine oil change set

With our engine oil configurator, you can now easily find the right oil change kit for your motorbike.
You can choose from oils from various manufacturers, as well as the matching oil filters and replacement sealing rings for the oil drain bolt.

As a special service, you will find the oil fill quantity, oil filter and the manufacturer's specifications for viscosity and API classification with each set.

We offer the following manufacturers.


Liqui Moly is a long-established manufacturer with headquarters in Ulm.

For motorbike engines, Liqui Moly has a wide range of motorbike oils in its product range – tried and tested and well-known from racing.


Mannol is a German brand with production in Lithuania.

Mannol offers different and affordable engine oils based on mineral oil as well as synthetic oil.

Castrol Power 1


Castrol is a British company and one of the largest lubricants companies in the world.
Castrol has been working with Honda for over 50 years. There is a wide range of Power1 motorbike oils to choose from.


Motul is a French manufacturer and probably one of the best known in the motorbike sector. They stock engine oils for all kinds of applications on the racetrack as well as on the road, off-road and scooter.

Motul Motoröl
Putoline Motorenöle


Putoline is a Dutch brand and has been carrying motorbike engine oils since the 70s.


The Lithuanian manufacturer offers low-priced engine oils with additives for motorbike oils.

Here you will find a list of available oil change kits. Click on your model to go directly to the configurator.